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Monday, November 16, 2009

About Master Zhihai

Radio Personality:
Emcee at the “Chinese Radio Network” (AM1240)

Newspaper Columnist:
“China Press”
“Global Chinese Times”
Monthly Magazine Writer:
Shop Realty Net”, “NY Realty” magazines

An Interview with Zhi Hai - Renowned New York Feng Shui Master, Metaphysicist and Architect

Zhi Hai, China certified architect, Feng Shui Master and Metaphysicist, former head of the Henan Province Culture and Architectural Design Department, undertook design, development of all provincial cultural buildings (libraries, museums, theaters, cultural centers, etc.).

Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai was invited by headquarters of SBLM Association of Architect Firms in NYC to present City Layout, Building and Design Feng Shui

Throughout her term as department head and her work in architectural design, she has partaken in hundreds of projects including independent designs, collaborative assignments, proposal bids and construction supervision. Master Zhi Hai’s work include the Henan Province Museum, Henan Province Cultural Bureau, Henan Culture Mansion, Henan Province Theater Business Apartments, development of the Zhengzhou City Worker’s Village, design and planning for the Yellow River Scenic Area and the Stele Forest, Henan Province Jigong Mountain Resort, Henan Drama Troupe Theater, Anyang City Library, Sanmenxia City Museum, Nanyang City Culture Center, Lankao Grand Hall of the People, planning for the Luohe City College, Yangshao Culture Museum and Artifact Warehouse, etc.

Prior to arriving in the US in the 1990s, she personally paid a visit to Tibetan Buddhist Master Xiraoere and received the name ‘Zhi Hai’ meaning ‘Sea of Wisdom’.

Opening to the Mysteries of Feng Shui Creating a Harmonious Home
- An Interview with Renowned New York Feng Shui Master, Metaphysicist Zhi Hai

"Connecting with Feng Shui"

From early history to the modern day, people have selected prime Feng Shui locations to build lucky abodes filled with tangible and intangible wealth in order to seek career success, monetary wealth, family harmony and physical well being.

People very naturally connected the study of architecture with Feng Shui in order to prevent against the heat and cold, beasts and illnesses, and to seek livelihoods and flourish. Architectural Feng Shui has thus persevered through the times. Today in New York, reporters will discuss the intricacies and mysteries of Feng Shui with Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai.

Zhi Hai, a distinguished student of the Chinese Architectural department and certified architect, was former head of the Henan Province Culture and Architectural Design Department, undertook design, development of all provincial cultural buildings (libraries, museums, theaters, cultural centers, etc.).
After arriving in America she gave her services to a major architectural design firm. An incident where an American friend had ‘office troubles’ changed the course of her life and lead her on the professional path towards merging Feng Shui and architecture and focusing as a Feng Shui Master.

Feng Shui Master contributes her time to society in Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai seminar for the people of NY and NJ.

“In college, The History of Chinese Architecture allowed me to develop a deep interest in the study of Feng Shui and metaphysics. From reading The I Ching, Ba Gua, He Luo Li Shu, Eight Mansions Feng Shui, Flying Stars Feng Shui, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Zi Ping Ba Zi, The Study of Names, Natural I Ching, the Siku Quanshu and other feng shui metaphysics related books I gained much Feng Shui related knowledge. However, at the time it was just an interest, I never imagined making Feng Shui my career. It was after I came to America when I discovered that English books on Feng Shui were far too superficial and reliant on form rather than substance. I could not help but present my own personal views to an American friend. It turned out that my friend was having trouble at work, no passion, constantly coming late and leaving early and having no motivation to do the work that was piling up. What made things more frustrating was that my friend could not stand being in the office but just simply did not know what went wrong. In order to help my friend I volunteered to check the office’s Feng Shui. There I found quite a bunch of problems, the placement of the desk, the fish bowl, etc. were all offending the principles of Feng Shui. I picked a day and time for my friend’s office to be reorganized and adjusted. He has become a workaholic ever since, working overtime nonstop. Just as my friend said himself, sitting in front of the newly adjusted desk made him feel relaxed, open, calm and focused. The change let my friend become astounded by the amazing effects of Chinese Feng Shui and even more strongly suggested that I join the ranks of Feng Shui specialists. At the time, the market for Feng Shui in America was severely deficient and allowed for immense growth potential for the deep studies of Chinese Feng Shui. In order to spread Chinese Feng Shui into my second home – America, and let more people from different backgrounds benefit form the power of feng Feng Shui, I happily became a Feng Shui specialist.”

Feng Shui Master Zhi Hai was invited by Wall Street Investment company to discuss Feng Shui Principles. Afterwards she is seen here discussing privately with one of the attendees her philosophies.

Explaining Feng Shui
As far as 6000 years ago, patterns depicting the Azure Dragon and White Tiger, both frequently used in Feng Shui, were seen on tombs dating back to the Yangshao culture era. The concept of Feng Shui originated from the theory of ‘heaven and man as one’ suggested by the I Ching. Feng Shui’s fundamental principle originates from the ancient Chinese ying yang and five elements philosophies. The study of Feng Shui is a cultural phenomenon, an wide spread indigenous tradition, a way of bringing luck and fending harm, a study of people and the environment and a theory relating to the yin and yang palaces and systematic processes. Feng Shui is the product of people’s experiences throughout a very long period of time. However, modern day science regards feng shui as a combination of geophysics, geology, environmental studies, architectural studies, astrology, meteorology and communication studies.

The point of Feng Shui is to pursue harmony. The world functions onward only when ying and yang are in balance, such is the core standpoint of Feng Shui. The key to good Feng Shui and regulating Feng Shui lies in adjusting the qi between man and nature, man and environment. Qi is a core concept. It not only includes the air around physical matter, but also various kinds of biological waves and electromagnetic waves. The origin of life has qi.

The breath of life is invisible, intangible, but can be felt. Qi plays a large part in determining whether people were meant to meet one another. Some people lose sleep, or are picky where they sleep; this is also because of problems with their fields of qi. Yet, Western people have difficulty understanding the concept of qi. In order to help gain understanding and belief, Master Zhi Hai integrated the idea of magnetic fields into her Feng Shui theories, cleverly averting the skepticism towards Feng Shui brought on by cultural differences.

Enjoying Feng Shui

With a background in architecture and extensive professional knowledge of Feng Shui, Zhi Hai cleverly brought together architecture and the traditional Chinese ideas of Feng Shui; combining eastern and western thought and modern and traditional concepts into a rich, integrated, systematic and unique body of theory. She focuses on a scientific approach to feng shui, research and debate of metaphysics to accurately introduce indigenous Chinese metaphysics and feng shui to the American audience. Through her work she strives to allow more people to enjoy the luck and happiness brought by the study of Feng Shui.

Zhi Hai has won the acclaim of the corporate world by her responsibility towards self and towards clients, and her spirit of study- practice—study- and further practice. If a client asks of her, she will deliver to the fullest. Many American television stations, real estate companies, construction companies, Wall Street investment firms and New York government unions have all invited her to give seminars on Feng Shui. In recent years, with the development of the feng shui market in America, Master Zhi Hai’s services have also increased. In order to further benefit more people, Zhi Hai actively works with the media through newspaper, television, radio and magazine columns to bring more harmony to society and convenience in people’s lives.

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